Friday, January 28, 2011

Being a Coordinator...

I was recently in a position where I created a team for a friend. While I am not extremely close to this friend, I have known her for years and know all of her family. As a co-founder of, I am also pretty familiar with the site; I seemed like the best fit to get the team started.

I really didn’t know much about the situation, details of how events unfolded, current status or prognosis. I didn’t know what kind of food they wanted, or when they wanted it delivered. I really felt in the dark...but I also really wanted to help.

So I set up the team webpage. I figured getting the page set up and allowing friends to start sending wishes via the guest book was a good start. I sent the team page link via email to four or five mutual friends who were able to distribute the link to all the circles in the family’s life (school, neighbors, church, swim team, kids friends). Within hours hundreds of friends all over the country were able to have one location to send messages and check in.

Since the page was already set up, a family member was then able to go in (as an additional coordinator) and update the blog regularly, keeping everyone informed and alleviating the burden of retelling the story countless times. Within a day I was able to get information about meals and post that on the help schedule. Friends from all circles were able to sign up to help.

I posted some reminders and suggestions on the blog, but really, I didn’t do that much. Being the coordinator didn’t take that much time or effort, but having the page set up and taking the initiative to get it done was a huge relief for my friend and her family. I was so glad to do SOMETHING! After all, it’s what friends do.

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